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Interthinking creatively, or what can happen when creative artists and language researchers work together (Paper 2 of the Transformative Creativity Symposium at IALIC 2016, November 25th-27th 2016) Richard Fay (Manchester Institute of Education, The University of Manchester) On behalf of … Language use is widely regarded as an important indicator of high quality learning and reasoning ability. Yet this masks an irony: language is fundamentally a social, collaborative tool, yet despite the widespread recognition of its importance in relation to learning, the role of dialogue is undervalued in learning contexts. In this chapter we argue that to see language as only a tool for Interthinking and the Vignette. The ‘well’ had such an impact because it was another creative moment from the so-called non-creative team; it validated the use of exploration as a method of working; it helped us unlock meanings; and it has a universal sense and appeal. (Tawona Sitholé, Reflections on Hotspots document, May 2015) Interthinking: Putting Talk to Work.

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The key factors, which influence the deepness of students’ discussions, are their learning skills. Insufficient skills hinder the quality of talk between peers and thereby also students learning in their zone of proximal development. I HAVE had a special interest in the study of language and thinking ever since I was a student. One reason back then, perhaps, was that the ‘big names’ in the field seemed particularly colourful characters – Chomsky, with his politics; Whorf, talking with the native Americans; Wittgenstein, who worshipped Carmen Miranda; Bruner, the charismatic; Bernstein, so controversial; and Vygotsky E-postkultur i organisationer En potentiell utvecklingsmöjlighet för individen? Johanna Brumark Kandidatuppsats: 15 hp Program/kurs: Kandidatprogram i Pedagogik/PEDG14 The work reported here offers a distinctive and timely contribution to the contemporary literature in the field of collaborative learning. It explores the nature of children's creative interthinking in vivo, as it unfolds during carefully scaffolded ongoing classroom activities.

(2010) have suggested that the development of exploratory talk can encourage the sharing of ideas or interthinking in group Interthinking: Putting Talk to Work. Abingdon: Routledge. Many researchers and educators writing about sociocultural theory have thought about Vygotsky’s deservedly famous idea about the development of children’s thinking and learning: Any function in the child’s … Interthinking: Putting talk to work.


Alltid bra priser och snabb leverans. | Adlibris interthinking, in acknowledging the link between the cognitive and social function of group talk.


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Abingdon: Routledge. Mercer, N. (2004). Interthinking: Putting Talk to Work.


2013 Karen Littleton and Neil Mercer, Interthinking: Putting Talk to Work, Routledge, London, 2013. The interthinking resources suggest three lessons: the first exploring what makes a good talker and a good listener; the second exploring the concept of ‘ground rules’ and then supporting the students to collectively come up with their own; and the third applying the ground rules to a mathematics problem (though they could be used for anything). Interthinking: putting talk to work explores the growing body of work on how people think creatively and productively together.
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Her new book, D'Arcy   mental development through discourse within music education. Keywords: musiccomputer-mediated musicsociocultural theoryinterthinkingcreative process   Partners will not only be interacting, as they might in cooperative activity, but ' interthinking' (Mercer, 2000). There has been a great deal of research interest in   For a period from 2001 to 2011, Interthink Consulting published a periodic newsletter for its clients.

London: Routledge. Liu, J., & Hansen, J. G. (2002).
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Skickas inom 5-7 vardagar. Köp boken Interthinking: Putting talk to work av Karen Littleton (ISBN 9780415675536) hos Adlibris. Fri frakt.

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En tanke kan vara att med fokus på strategier så hamnar själva skrivandet i bakgrunden; lektionsinnehållet riskerar att bli själva strategierna i stället för deras roll för att förbättra skrivande. Symposiet om interthinking förtjänar ett eget inlägg i framtiden när jag samlat mina tankar. Interthinking: putting talk to work explores the growing body of work on how people think creatively and productively together.